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  • mastor mastor Jul 16, 2013 10:38 PM Flag

    Keeper leagues?

    How exactly does it work? I have been running a league of good friends for 5 years now and want to goto keeper league. What is the best settings for it and how does it work! Thanks a bunch for heelping.

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    • There are various types of keeper leagues. You can either mandate that a player is drafted and held the entire year (not dropped or added as a FA) or allow any player on a teams final roster to be transitioned to next years team. You can allow players that are drafted and traded to keep their keeper designation for a new team or not (makes trades more valuable when you allow keeper rights). You can put caps on the # of consecutive seasons you can keep a particular player But, the real difference between styles is how you transition players to the following season. If you allow 2 keepers, you can make that your first two rounds of the following draft in which case you'd start drafting FA's in round three as the other reply states. Or you can allow managers to keep a player and forfeit that pick for the round that player was originally drafted in. For example, I picked up Aaron Rodgers his first starting season and kept him all year. In that league I give up my 13th round pick (the original round I drafted him in that first year) every year in order to retain him. This style gets very interesting. This year I have to decide on Percy Harvin for a 3rd or Dwayne Bowe for an 11th. Harvin is the better prospect but Bowe has better value for the round.

      I keep a master list of the draft results in the league i run to help me keep track of keeper eligibility but yahoo has some good tools too.

      I'd suggest you talk it over with your friends and decide the details. Good luck on your keeper league, it'll be a blast.

    • You set how many you want to "keep" at the beginning of the year.

      You can either have yahoo or yourself set the keeper list (do it yourself).

      When you draft the following season after continuing/importing last year's settings you will be able to approve their keepers and enter the draft with those players on everyone's teams.

      So.... if you have 2 keepers, you start in the 3rd round essentially.

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      • I have a question.

        I started a kpr league last yr. Some mgrs dropped players without adding players. Mgrs can keep 24 players and drop 6; however, some teams have 26 players some have 28. How can i add players to their team before the draft, so that, everyone can start the draft with 24 players after dropping their 6 players.

        Also what do you with players that have NA next to their name?


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