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  • Evan Evan Jul 10, 2013 7:52 PM Flag

    can you create a 4 team playoff & 6 team consolation bracket?

    *just finished writing and realized this ran super long so you can just skip down to the last paragraph*

    I run a 10 team h2h league. the past 4 years we've just been doing the regular 4 team playoff in weeks 15 & 16. This year there is going to be $50 going to the winner of the consolation bracket - i wanted there to be an incentive for the teams who probably won't make the playoffs to completely give up, as this has happened in the past. With the playoff format we're using the 9th & 10th place teams do not make the playoffs, so this still defeats the purpose since those two teams can still stop playing the last few weeks of the reg season and really impact the playoff race.

    I'm trying to find an option to where all the teams in the league are either in the playoffs or the consolation bracket. I don't want to let 6 teams into the playoffs and only keep it to 4 because i don't think someone that finishes 5th or 6th deserves to get in. On top of that, it'd be pretty messed up for places 4-6 to not get money for the year and someone from the bottom 4 to get the $50. That leaves us 4 in the playoffs (taking 2 weeks) and 6 in the consolation (taking 3).

    Is there anyway to start the playoffs in week 15 with all of the consolation teams playing and the playoff teams with a bye; then week 16, have all of the remaining teams continue as normal?

    -sorry this was so long, thanks for your help.


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