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  • John Cheesehead John Cheesehead Jul 4, 2013 9:19 PM Flag

    I have a NEED for a LEAGUE...

    Keeper preferably.. I am willing to start new or take over and resurrect an absentee owner's team. Am experienced and active owner. Please allow draft pick trades!

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    • This is a fun league with a lot of scoring and anti scoring catagories. There is no bench so you will have to decide weather to drop a player or eat a duck egg 0 come bye time. With 20 players every one will play the first 3 weeks then we will eliminate the bottom (Three) players will be eliminated and all their players going to waivers on Monday night with the lowest man on the totem pole getting first pick. (Two) players will then be eilinated weeks 4 - 5 then only (one) player each week thru 17. Eliminated players may remain in the league but will have their players waivered and trade options locked but will still have the opportunity to the much encouraged smack talk. Collusion and cheating is allowed. Its a dog eat dog world out there, do what you have to do to survive but beware of those who will stab you in the back. As all my leagues I will be donating prizes to winners.
      harry_s_radley at yah00 for invite

    • You need to contact me at (317) 702-5706, or go and search for Any Given Sunday (Draft is Aug 22) this league is going to be awesome! Year 1 of the keeper league

    • I'm the commish of a PPR/IDP keeper league. We are starting our 3rd year. This is a fun league with a core group of guys. We recently had one disappear on us a week before the draft. This team was the last place team and they do have the #1 draft pick so you can start rebuilding. The draft is an offline draft on our group page. Takes about a month and a half to do the draft. I know a long time but that just shows how dedicated the league is. You can see the history of the league on our group page as I keep track of all trades, history of the teams, roster changes from 1 year to the next. The league is broken into 4 divisions (2 AFC/2 NFC) and whoever gets the team will be taking over an AFC team and we do use real team names. Makes the league just look better..

      You get 7 keepers and 1 of them must be a defensive player, so the player pool does have some depth to it and plenty of defenders.

      Here is the team you would take over (I know it's rough)

      New England Patriots
      Draft Picks: 1, 32, 33, 64, 65, 96, 97, 128, 129, 160, 161, 192, 193, 224, 225

      QB: Tony Romo
      RB: Michael Bush
      RB: Benjarvus Green-Ellis
      WR: Darius Heyward-Bey
      WR: Devone Bess
      WR: Julian Edelman
      TE: Dustin Keller
      K: Garrett Hartley

      D: George Wilson
      DB: DeAngelo Hall
      DB: William Moore
      LB: Karlos Dansby
      LB: James Harrison
      DL: Jeremy Mincey
      DL: Ndamukong Suh

      BN: Andre Roberts
      BN: Brent Celek
      BN: Leonard Hankerson
      BN: Joe McKnight
      BN: Kevin Kolb
      BN: Antoine Winfield
      BN: Antonio Smith

    • If youre a quality manager that's active, I have a few spots left in my new dynasty league. Its $50 buy in, winner takes all. Draft picks may be traded. Let me know if youre interested and Ill send you an invite so you can review the settings.


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