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    Trade Opinions

    Please let me know what you think of this trade. Here are the reasons for the trade. It is a 2 QB league. I drafted 3 bench QBs, for bye weeks and possible trading. One manager didn't make the draft and got some very low level QBs, Flynn and Fitzpatrick. He posted that he was looking for a better QB and would give up Steve Smith and Larry Fitzgerald to get a couple. In this league QBs are rated extremely important, to demonstrate this AP scored 463 points last year and Brees scored 690 as a matter of fact the in the top 25 scorers from last year AP was 18th and no other RB made the top 25. My extra QB Brandon Weeden scored 372.4 points last year and Steve Smith scored 150 points last year. I needed to improve my WR position and figure great here we go. So I offered Weeden for Smith. The trade got rejected by the commissioner, he said I was the only person getting anything in the trade, I told him I was getting the lower scoring guy in the trade in Smith by 220 points. I suggested to the commissioner that he based the trades value on its field talent and not its fantasy value. Most experienced commissioners know that league settings change positional value in any manner the commissioner wants, shoot Defensive players can be worth more than offensive are. I suggested that to make the trade fair fantasy points wise then I'd have to receive Smith and Fitzgerald for Weeden and it would still be a little bit in favor of Weeden. Not sure how a experienced commissioner says that 150 point player for a 372 point player is lopsided in the favor of the 150 point player.

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    • Fantasy value between players at different positions does not have much to do with total points each players scores. It is what they score in relation to other players at the same position. Don't have time to dig into specific details of your scoring/settings. But as an extreme example, if all 32 NFL QB's score 1000 fantasy points per week, they all have no relative value (meaning it doesn't matter if you pick the first QB or the last one). In that scenario, a WR that scores 150 fantasy points (assuming that puts him in the top 25-30 WR) would be more valuable than a QB that scores 1000 fantasy points.

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      • I understand the relative scoring between each position but there is a side of this you haven't considered. Lets take your example and expand it to numbers from last year. Calvin Johnson scored 273 points last year and is #1 in scoring for WR, Smith scored 150 and is #28. Now at the QB position Drew Brees scored 690 (#1) and Weeden scored 372 (#25) so by ranking in position from last year the trade is a #25 QB for the #28 WR, looks very fair to me. Also look at the point differential between positions the #1 QB scored 320 points more than Weeden did and Calvin Johnson scored 120 points more than Smith. If I use your relative example, you would rather take Smith for 150 points over Weeden for 372 points, REALLY? If you had this choice in the draft and you had both of them queued up which one would you take? I know with out a doubt it would be the 372 point guy, each and every time without exception. Trust me that weighting on the QB position expands the difference between players in the position more than it does on the non weighted positions. Yahoo has a default set up which makes scoring as even across positions as possible and if a commissioner changes those settings then that position is now the most important.


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