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  • Russ Russ Jun 24, 2013 7:35 PM Flag

    Can someone help me set up the keeper league I want to do

    I want yahoo to keep track of this..

    player has to be picked 10th round or beyond in order to be kept following season
    the manager will have to exchange their 3rd round pick for that player the following season
    the player has to be on your roster the entire season
    each manager can only keep one player if they wish

    someone guide me through how to set this up? Thanks in advance

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    • When you set the league up next year go to last years draft results under "draft central". It will show you the players they have on their team at the end of the season and in which round they were picked in. Only players that were on your team the whole year will show their draft position. If they were picked up from FA/waivers or a trade it will show a "-" after their name.

      Then just customize the draft placing the keeper in the 3rd round slot.

    • I agree with Jack... sounds pretty dumb. Everyone in your league will just end up NOT keeping anybody

    • Hmmm, seems like a bit too many restrictions to be set up 'easily'. You would just have to view their requested keeper's draft position the previous season to make sure it was 10th or beyond, then set it up as the 3rd round pick.
      Just my opinion here: But it seems a bit lame to have only one keeper, that is in the 10th round or after, that'll be kept in the 3rd round of next year. Unless it's a sleeper that turns explosive, there is no reward for keeping a player. I just wouldn't keep one, and draft a 3rd round quality player in the 3rd round, instead of a 10th rounder in the 3rd.
      And then... only one keeper? Meh.

      Asking Yahoo to create a format to easily institute those rules automatically might be asking a bit much. They can't even do the simple things for us.

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      • I am changing it to a 4th rounder. I don't want to reward a manager too much for having a great draft the year before. This is the first year of me ever doing a keeper so this is how I want it to start off. Every year there are atleast a few breakout players that go late in drafts, so if not everybody has a breakout guy that's fine.


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