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  • Colin Colin Jun 14, 2013 2:22 PM Flag

    keeper league format

    i'm not new to fantasy football... but i AM new to commish responsibilities... and starting a keeper league... i know there's different ways to use keepers... wondering what people that have done different formats find works best?? keep 1 RB/ 1WR/ 1FLEX... keep based on rounds of draft... etc....

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    • Here's what we do in my league.....

      You can keep 3 players from your current team, and 1 rookie.

      You can also keep 1 rookie that does not count toward your 3 keepers. If
      you keep a rookie you will lose the draft pick above the rookie, for
      example if Andrew Luck was drafted in round 8 last year, the owner will
      lose a round 7 draft pick this year.

      You will lose a draft pick for whichever round you selected them last
      season, so if it was a first round draft pick you will lose a first
      round draft pick this year.

      All undrafted or Free Agents will be considered a 5th round pick. For
      example Gimli's Group picked up Andrew Luck undrafted, if he wanted to
      keep him he would forfeit a 5th round draft pick.

      Draft picks can be traded for a keeper, example: Gimli's Group wants Adrian Peterson a first round draft pick owned by Blitzburgh. Blitzburgh can trade Peterson for Gimli's first round pick.

    • Colin,

      I've been Commish for a few years now, and here are my rules:

      1.Up to 2 keepers per team. (0, 1, or 2)
      2.Each keeper will cost a draft pick corresponding to which position (round) they were drafted. Example: Bash Bros. names A. Peterson and K. moreno as his keepers.BB cannot draft in round 1 (where AP was selected) and round 9 (where he took Moreno). Thats the "cost".
      3.You may only name keepers from your own team. Duh.
      4.The "cost" applies no matter if you, or another owner drafted the player. Example : Roy Williams was drafted in round 4, but then dropped. The new owner STILL must pay a round 4 pick for him.(This rule should prevent some late-season "vulturing" of injured players).
      5.Any player that went undrafted, but whose current owner wishes to keep, will cost that owner a round 10 pick.
      6.If an owner wishes to keep 2 undrafted players, they will lose a round 10 and a round 9 pick.
      7.If an owner wants to keep a round 10 player PLUS an undrafted player they will lose a round 10 and a round 9 pick.

      I've seen many others, but u may have to tweak them according to how your league likes them. Anyway, they should be a good starting point for you.
      Good luck this year,