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    Fantasy Football 10-team H-2-H Full-Retention Dynasty League IDP/DT/Practice Squad/35-Player Rosters ($100 Per Season) SERIOUS PLAYERS ONLY!

    Hello everyone,

    I am seeking at least 2 humble yet hungry individuals who are willing to join my Yahoo Fantasy Football 10-team, Head-to-Head, full-retention Dynasty league, which allows you to retain each and every one of your players from one season to the next. The league has endured a bit of turnover this offseason as 4 managers will not be returning for various reasons (we've already managed to fill 2). Some were above average teams and some were below average teams so I've since merged the rosters to hopefully form 4 well-balanced teams. I think this is pretty evident and the interest in these rosters should be rampant as they not only have exceptional pieces in place but also in the form of draft picks and waiver priority, allowing for more improvement to be made right away.

    Though I don't anticipate anyone abandoning these rosters, I have decided to implement a payment system that protects the league and prevents droves of managers from fleeing in the future. Clearly, this type of league is not for everyone and won't be kind to everyone's wallets, but I'm hopeful that those chosen few individuals are out there and are reading this as we speak. Basically I'm seeking managers who never settle, are constantly eager to improve and ultimately strive to fulfill the task of building a dynasty, perhaps not in one fell swoop of course, because it may not materialize overnight, but if you have to do so gradually I need to know that you'll fully grasp the challenge and remain committed to seeing it through. I especially prefer managers who relish a rebuilding opportunity, not someone who is intimidated by it.

    Below you will find the available rosters, scoring, payment and prize layout, and as much information regarding the league as I can pen at this time. It's possible that I haven't shed light on something and only ask that you bare with me because it is a ton of information to jot down all at once. If I forgot something I apologize and will shed light on it ASAP.

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