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  • Stan Stan Jun 7, 2013 12:09 PM Flag

    Invite Managers

    I have invited, for each available team and now I can't go in and re-invite or such, as I did last year. The four teams of 12 have responded. Why am I unable to go back into the "Invite"? This is my 5th year as Commish, and never had this section unavailable before. ??

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    • Having the same problem. Got a 20 team league. We need the ability to send multiple invites.

    • It is indeed odd that you cannot simply resend an invite to a person that was previously in the league

      You can try to go back to previous years in your league and click mangers . For some reason all my managers in year 1 have their email listed and some have them hidden in following years

      As Chris said maybe you have their email in your old emails

      From the help tab on yourleagues home page there is alink in the right hand column that says make a suggestion. I may be talking to no one but this is what I sent

      It should be possible to send multiple invites to managers who were in the league the previous year without needing to know their email hidden or otherwise

      Obviously if I can send the 1st invite without knowing the hidden email It is not only possible but there is no reason sending a 2nd invite shouldn't be as easy to do as it was for the initial renewal invite

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      • Mike, I don't think I was clear. I did send eMails to about half the managers, using Commish/Tools/Invite, went in the next day or so and invited the rest while re-sending
        one from the previous day with a newer eMail address. Now, three teams have responded
        (total 4 teams including me). Now, when I goto Commish/Tools the Invite is in black - hence
        not responsive. It acts as though I've already drafted or locked my league into just the
        four teams. It's really puzzling. Meanwhile, I'm sending eMails from MY address, not

    • I'm getting the same - if you know their email address you can re enter it and resend, but not if their email is hidden.


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