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    Keeper league advice

    I've found that my keeper league was sorta swayed towards two guys dominating during the regular season who had the 1st pick and 3rd pick in the first round this year (only 3 losses for each). However, the team that picked last in the first round won the Superbowl. I was wondering how many keepers do you guys allow in your leagues and what do you find are the best ways to go about this? I've heard some guys like only 1 RB and 1 WR or TE or QB. Some only allow 1 keeper, any position, and allow them to keep that player for 2 years max. How do you handle drafts the following year? (random draft, last to first, etc.)

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    • This keeper set up makes sure there's always Top tier talent and a chance for all to win each year but rewards guys who do thier homework drafting AJ Green late scoopping Alfred morris using a roster spot all year for d williams knowing Bradshaw will break ect

      Simply no one drafted 1st 3 rnds can be kept players can be kept at most 4 years includes current season FA and 8th rounders can be kept 3 years 6th and seventh rounders can be kept 2 years a 4th or a 5 th rounder can be kept for only 1 year Draft order revevrse of finish Snake No draft penalty for where the guy was drafted.

      THIS SHOULD BE A RULE IN EVERY KEEPER. No trading players until keepers are declared

      1. Each team will keep from 3 players from their previous end-of-season roster .

      2. Players drafted in the first 3 rounds of a draft can not be kept in the following season .

      3. Eligibility is determined by the round a player is drafted

      4.A Player can only be kept if he has 2 eligibility points remaining

      5.Each year a player is kept he loses 2 points of eligibility based on the round he was drafted

      6. Any player that was drafted after round 8 including free agents will be considered as an 8th round pick,
      Example Jay Cutler was drafted in the 14th round If named a keeper he would be considered an 8th round pick His 2nd year on the same team he would have 6 points of eligibility left, 3rd year kept 4 points of eligibility left , 4th year kept 2 points of eligibility left,year 5 0 points of eligibility he would become a free agent A PLAYER WITH 1 POINT LEFT WOULD BECOME A FREE AGENT

      7 If a player is drafted then cut , eligibility will be equal to his DRAFTED position. eg If a 1st round pick gets hurt and dropped and you pick him up as a free agent he will still be considered a 1st round pick

    • We allow two keepers, any position, for two years max. Eg., if a team drafted JJ Watt in the 8th round in 2012, he could select Watt as a keeper for 2013. It would cost him his 8th round pick. If a team chooses a player to keep that it did not draft (ie., acquired in a trade or add/drop), then he loses his 1st and/or 2nd round pick. Our draft is random for the 1st round, then a standard snake
      (3-10-3 etc.).

    • Number of keepers is kind of irrelevant in that it applies to everyone so pick whatever you want and then create rules about what determines the round a player is worth. We use a snake that is a little different 1-12, 12-1, 12-1, and 1-12 so that if you have the last pick you get the first pick in rounds 2 and 3 the snake is just as fair (more so if you ask me) than a normal one and we let our loser bracket champion decide where they will draft then 12-1. So if are the losers champ (7th place) and have a first rounder as a keeper it would be beneficial to pick last if you didn't you could pick first. Just a thought.


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