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  • mike mike Feb 26, 2013 7:21 PM Flag

    Keeper league advice

    This keeper set up makes sure there's always Top tier talent and a chance for all to win each year but rewards guys who do thier homework drafting AJ Green late scoopping Alfred morris using a roster spot all year for d williams knowing Bradshaw will break ect

    Simply no one drafted 1st 3 rnds can be kept players can be kept at most 4 years includes current season FA and 8th rounders can be kept 3 years 6th and seventh rounders can be kept 2 years a 4th or a 5 th rounder can be kept for only 1 year Draft order revevrse of finish Snake No draft penalty for where the guy was drafted.

    THIS SHOULD BE A RULE IN EVERY KEEPER. No trading players until keepers are declared

    1. Each team will keep from 3 players from their previous end-of-season roster .

    2. Players drafted in the first 3 rounds of a draft can not be kept in the following season .

    3. Eligibility is determined by the round a player is drafted

    4.A Player can only be kept if he has 2 eligibility points remaining

    5.Each year a player is kept he loses 2 points of eligibility based on the round he was drafted

    6. Any player that was drafted after round 8 including free agents will be considered as an 8th round pick,
    Example Jay Cutler was drafted in the 14th round If named a keeper he would be considered an 8th round pick His 2nd year on the same team he would have 6 points of eligibility left, 3rd year kept 4 points of eligibility left , 4th year kept 2 points of eligibility left,year 5 0 points of eligibility he would become a free agent A PLAYER WITH 1 POINT LEFT WOULD BECOME A FREE AGENT

    7 If a player is drafted then cut , eligibility will be equal to his DRAFTED position. eg If a 1st round pick gets hurt and dropped and you pick him up as a free agent he will still be considered a 1st round pick

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