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  • Jim G Jim G Dec 30, 2012 10:44 PM Flag

    A Happy New Year to All Commishes & Players

    My results - a lot of fun (so far, 1 championship, 1 3rd place, 1 7th place, 1 11th place (out of 16 teams, I am the Commish in that league) & in the last one one that plays week 17, a real good feeling that I have got another championship.

    Big Deal! I play FF for fun.

    Lessons learned - (some of which have come a lot by reading Commish posts all year & a lot of experience):

    1) Don’t play in “public” leagues. You are just rolling the dice. Caveat Emptor.

    2) If you do not know everybody in your league, do not play for real $. I would rather throw my money away at a casino or give it to my favorite charity than to risk it with some of the “honest” Commishes I read about. And after YAHOO’s major screw up this year, I have no confidence in putting any $s into their Money leagues.

    3) How to accomplish your desire just to have fun in an honest FF league?
    a) a good start would be to establish your own league with friends, & then recruit them to have their friends join. But that requires a lot or work figuring out rules, scoring, etc.
    b) if you do not want to be a Commish, then troll the Commish & other Message boards. Throughout the year (both before the start of the season & during the season), Commishes of established “Private” leagues “beg” for people to join their league. Respond to them; ask them to send you their rules (which are just the Scoring & Settings tab in their league). If they are honest, they will reply to you. They want to fill spots in their league. If you like what you see, join that league. Then go from there. There are many more Good Commishes than the #$%$ ones in FF.

    FF should be fun; no fiscal cliffs, no wars, no dumb spouses (or boy/girl friends). Just you and your computer trying to compete & win the silly medallion that YAHOO awards for the FANTASY CHAMPION.

    If you read through all this, then you might be someone I might need to fill out my league next year or recommend to one of the Commishes in the other leagues I am in. Again, have a peaceful 2013!

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