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    Your tiebreaker system for setting the playoffs is flawed! I played a person one time during the year and beat him head-to-head. When it came to setting the playoff seeds he was given a bye because he had 1230 points for the year and I had 1229. We had the same record and I feel head-to-head should be the first tiebreaker. Some teams played each other twice during the season in our ten team league. With your tiebreaker system as it is , a person could win head-to head twice ( maybe even by 75 points per game) and lose out on a playoff spot to that same person because he scored one more point than you during rest of season. That is terrible!!! I did my job as manager against that team and beat him. I can only control what I score against him when I play him. What he scores against someone else is not my concern. My concern is to win each week , which I did against him. Points should only be used if you are tied after head-to-head. This cost me being in the Super Bowl , as I had to play a game the first week and lost because of bad matchups. The next week I scored more points than all the other teams except the top ranked team. If I had gotten the bye I DESERVED , I would be playing for the title. I just don't see how a person could beat me twice head-to-head and have the same record as me and not get the higher seed. That is how YAHOO sees it ? I welcome all comments.

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