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  • Michael Michael Dec 26, 2012 2:16 PM Flag

    Commissioner Steven Crabtree

    Beware!!!! Everyone watch out joining any league with steven crabtree (usc fan #1) as the commissioner. He was in second place for most of the season and awarded himself a "commissioners adjustment" of 500 points in week 16, which moved im into first place by 311 points so there was no way to catch him. When confronted about this he moved the adjustment to week 15 to try and hide it. This was a non money, what i thought was supposed to be fun league. When confronted again after i found out who he was, he just removed me from the league after week 16 so he could win.....what i have no idea?? This was only a 4 team league to begin with. I guess yahoo will do nothing about this guy, who when i looked at his profile, looks like he does this quite often. I did rate him as a poor commissioner but i feel the need to protect others from people like this. Are there any suggestions about contacting yahoo so this guy can never be a commissioner again, he is under crabtree_empire with his yahoo account all small case. please be aware of this person, if he can be called that and not join any league he is the commissioner of. I appears he has only infected fantasy football at this point, at least all other fantasy sports have not been infected with this parasite and we can only hope there are no others but after reading some other posts it appears there are others!! Sorry for the rant, just want everyone to watch out for this pos!! Feel free to contact him as many times as possible, he is such a snake though, he will possibly just change his account, run and hide like the pathetic parasite he is. Thank you, hope everyone else has better experiences then this one!!!

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