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  • Danny Danny Dec 25, 2012 6:56 PM Flag

    Why Head-To-Head?

    Why are the majority of fantasy football players perfectly happy using win/loss records to determine who makes the playoffs, when those records are often misleading when it comes to determining who the best teams in a league are? Breakdown/All-Play is a much better method. Just looking at Total Points has it's flaws, but even that is better and more accurate that just looking at win/loss records. Every year in every league I see teams get screwed because of thier win total, while weak teams wind-up in the the playoffs. I don't understand why people seem to be so devoted to such a flawed and inaccurate system. Am I the only one who feels this way?

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    • Bako, I'm unfamiliar with "breakdown/all-play". Would you mind explaining?

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      • With All-Play (aka Breakdown) Every team plays every other team every week, which completely eliminates the luck of the schedule. In a 10 team league, if you had the highest score of the week, you'd get 9 wins 0 losses, since you beat all 9 of the other teams. If the next week you had the lowest score of the week, you'd get 0 wins 9 losses. Your record based on these 2 weeks would be 9-9. If another team finished both weeks with the 6th highest score, their record would be 5 wins 4 losses for both weeks, for a combined record of 10-8.

        This method eliminates the flaws of both one-on-one leagues, and total points leagues.

        Severe exaggeration here, but if an owner racked-up 2,000 points in week 1, and never scored another point for the rest of the season, he could still win a points league, all because of that first week. That could never happen in All-Play. Also, you'd never wind-up with an owner who typically scores 150 points a game losing a playoff spot to an owner who only typically scores 100, as is often the case in traditional one-on-one head-to-head leagues.


    • Shark wrote: "Head to head is popular because it involves more luck". I'm come to the conclusion that he's dead-right. For those owners who are inexperienced, just not very good at the game, and/or don't want to take the time to gain skill and keep up with what's going on throughout the season....H2H leagues bring in a tremendous amount of luck, giving those owners a much better chance of winning...sometimes, without even trying.

      I occassionally play in a H2H league just to see what happens. I did so this year in two leagues. In one league, I won, the other I came in 7th in a ten team league...although I outscored every other owner. This proved to me once again how totally ridiculous it is to play H2H...if the intent is to see who is the most skilled owner.

      Theoretically, an owner could lose every game 200-201, and another owner win every game with scores of 100-99...and win the championship, despite the fact that they scored 1600 less points than the last place owner. An exaggerated example of just how ludicrous the H2H system is.

      The only other viable reason is that people like being pitted against one owner each week for the bragging rights. But...if you're playing the game with the purpose of seeing which owner can select and play the right players...and score the most points, thus establishing themselves as the most skillled owner...a "points league" is the only way to play.

    • Head to head is popular because it involves more luck. So less skilled managers have more of a chance against much more skilled ones. In fact you could just score points the whole year and then just make up the schedule at the end of the year to see who wins. Change the schedule change the winner. Change it again for a new winner.
      You might as well just have everyone flip a coin for the winner each week to see who plays who.
      In my league we do total points to week 15. Top 5 play for championship, bottom 5 for first pick in next years draft.
      Then we take each teams weekly average + week 16 +week 17. The highest score wins.

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      • Excellent point, and very accurate. I don't understand why so many fantasy football players fail to realize (or admit) what a HUGE role the schedule plays in determining how wins loss records play out, and inaccurate and misleading those records can be.

        Although I don't like the idea of playing in week 17, I like the way you handle the playoffs, and the way you keep the bottom 5 teams involved throughout the entire season. Gonna have to steal that idea and use it in my leagues next year!

    • In my YAHOO league you could play me twice during the regular season and beat me by , lets say 90 points , and we both finish with the same record ,say 9-7. The YAHOO tiebreaker is total points scored. In this situation , to determine the final playoff spot , if my team scored 1830 points and yours scored 1829 , I would be awarded the playoff spot or the higher seed in playoffs , maybe a bye. You , were clearly better than me each time you played me and I would reap your glory! This happened to me this year and it cost me a seed that would have put me in the Super Bowl in my league. How would you feel?

    • Key difference between the NFL and fantasy, is that in fantasy you have no control over the amount of points your opponent scores. In the NFL, you do.

      Imagine a competition, set-up like fantasy football, in which QBs have to hit a target. Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady, RG3 vs. Andrew Luck, and Mark Sanchez vs. Tim Tebow. Brady hits it 9 times, Manning 8. RG3 6 times, Luck 5. Sanchez 2 times, Tebow once. This would make Peyton the 4th best QB in the competition, behind Sanchez. Wouldn't that be a little ridiculous?

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      • I agree! I could care less if your team scores 200 pts. a week. My goal is to put the best lineup together the week I play your team , so as to get the " W ". If we wind up with the same record , you should have to earn the chance to beat me in the playoffs . I and you have no control over what other teams score. I do control what my team scores by who I decide to play every given week. This decision making is what fantasy is about.

      • BakoSpanks, question on the flipside regarding your example: Why don't you create a league where your only roster spot is a QB? What makes a league competitive is the fact that you CAN win or lose. If I started a league in which wins and losses didn't matter no one would play. If I wasn't playing against someone else, I probably wouldn't play. Peyton Manning is gonna give you a good chance to win every week. That doesn't mean Adrian Peterson isn't gonna go off for 200 and beat you. If you draft well and understand matchups you are gonna have a winning team, but not win every time. If you aren't playing against anyone you CAN'T win.

    • Its just like the NFL... better teams get screwed because of records

    • Primary reason, because that is how the NFL works. This is suppose to mirror real football. Waivers are the same way (or should be) to allow the poorest team to get first chance at Free Agents.

      Yahoo offers many non-traditional settings to allow people to think outside the norm. To each their own.


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