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  • John G John G Jan 2, 2013 6:21 PM Flag

    Why Head-To-Head?

    Shark wrote: "Head to head is popular because it involves more luck". I'm come to the conclusion that he's dead-right. For those owners who are inexperienced, just not very good at the game, and/or don't want to take the time to gain skill and keep up with what's going on throughout the season....H2H leagues bring in a tremendous amount of luck, giving those owners a much better chance of winning...sometimes, without even trying.

    I occassionally play in a H2H league just to see what happens. I did so this year in two leagues. In one league, I won, the other I came in 7th in a ten team league...although I outscored every other owner. This proved to me once again how totally ridiculous it is to play H2H...if the intent is to see who is the most skilled owner.

    Theoretically, an owner could lose every game 200-201, and another owner win every game with scores of 100-99...and win the championship, despite the fact that they scored 1600 less points than the last place owner. An exaggerated example of just how ludicrous the H2H system is.

    The only other viable reason is that people like being pitted against one owner each week for the bragging rights. But...if you're playing the game with the purpose of seeing which owner can select and play the right players...and score the most points, thus establishing themselves as the most skillled owner...a "points league" is the only way to play.


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