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  • Danny Danny Dec 31, 2012 5:54 PM Flag

    Why Head-To-Head?

    Appreciate the support. But to be clear, in regards to fantasy football playoffs, I don't have a problem with it being head-to-head, one-on-one, sudden death. Lose and you're out. I just have a problem with the way the playoff teams are determined.

    While I do feel that total points is a better indicator of who the best owners in a league are, it can also be misleading. In one of my leagues this year, I had 2 monster games that pushed my points total for the year way up. But honestly, I wasn't one of the top teams in the league. I had a great roster of players, but did a poor job of manging them. However, one of the other teams who had even more points that I did, WAS one of the top teams. But he too missed the playoffs.

    I wish more people were familiar with the All-Play/Breakdown format. It really is the most accurate way of determining who the best owners are at the end of the regular season.
    In the example I gave above, I was top 4 in points, but my All-Play record was 6th or 7th for the year. Which shows that while I had a couple of good games, I was not one of the top 4 owners in the league.

    The problem with a points league, is that too many owners lose intrest once they feel they are too far behind. But with All-Play, just as with one-on-one records, a team can get hot later in the year and make up a lot of ground.

    An idea I used last year, was an All-Play league where the top 4 teams made the playoffs, and then those 4 teams went All-Play for all 3 weeks of the (fantasy) playoffs. It worked out well. I would have done it again this year, but started a traditional league at work and didn't have the time for another one. Might do it again next year though...

    I guess the point of this whole thread I started has to do with honesty. I know the vast majority of fantasy football players are happy with the way things typically work. My question is whether it's accurate or not.


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