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  • Danny Danny Dec 26, 2012 6:21 PM Flag

    Why Head-To-Head?

    Key difference between the NFL and fantasy, is that in fantasy you have no control over the amount of points your opponent scores. In the NFL, you do.

    Imagine a competition, set-up like fantasy football, in which QBs have to hit a target. Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady, RG3 vs. Andrew Luck, and Mark Sanchez vs. Tim Tebow. Brady hits it 9 times, Manning 8. RG3 6 times, Luck 5. Sanchez 2 times, Tebow once. This would make Peyton the 4th best QB in the competition, behind Sanchez. Wouldn't that be a little ridiculous?

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    • I agree! I could care less if your team scores 200 pts. a week. My goal is to put the best lineup together the week I play your team , so as to get the " W ". If we wind up with the same record , you should have to earn the chance to beat me in the playoffs . I and you have no control over what other teams score. I do control what my team scores by who I decide to play every given week. This decision making is what fantasy is about.

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      • Wait... I think we might actually disagree. You could make the best decisions in the league all year, and consistently outscore 80% of the league, and still wind-up with a losing record and out of the playoffs. You didn't determine the fate of your team, the schedule did.

      • I agree with Bako - what value or worth is there to managing your team to a decent record through the first 13 weeks of the season, if your league standing is simply going to be tossed aside for 2 or 3 more season-ending matchups (i.e., the Yahoo "playoffs")? All you're really doing for the first 13 weeks is to not be one of the few bottom teams in the standings and thereby qualify for the Yahoo playoffs. In my league, 6 of the top 8 teams are in the playoffs. The efforts you put into the first 13 weeks to get an enviable record (e.g., 10-3, 11-2, 9-4) don't do much for you once you (and the other 5 teams) make the playoffs. Your season can end in the very next matchup when you get beat by a team that quite possibly had a losing record in the first 13 weeks. That's what happened in my league - the team with a 6-7 record (and that was in 6th place) ended up winning his last 3 "playoff" matches and won the whole enchilada!

        Bako's right - a better measurement of which team was the best (i.e., most productive) over the entire season is the one that racked up the most points. Is fantasy football intended to mimic the NFL or to see who can assemble and manage the most productive team over an entire 16-game season? I think it's the latter.

    • BakoSpanks, question on the flipside regarding your example: Why don't you create a league where your only roster spot is a QB? What makes a league competitive is the fact that you CAN win or lose. If I started a league in which wins and losses didn't matter no one would play. If I wasn't playing against someone else, I probably wouldn't play. Peyton Manning is gonna give you a good chance to win every week. That doesn't mean Adrian Peterson isn't gonna go off for 200 and beat you. If you draft well and understand matchups you are gonna have a winning team, but not win every time. If you aren't playing against anyone you CAN'T win.

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      • I think you might've missed my point. It's simply this - Looking only at wins, can often be misleading when it comes to who the most skilled and talented owners in a league are. If you are happy with luck playing a major role in your fantasy football success, then that's great! I'd prefer to remove as much luck from the equation as possible. That's where my admiration of All-Play comes in. It eliminates the "luck" of the schedule (because every team plays every other team every week). There's enough luck involved in fantasy football as it is - injuries, coaches, refs, weather...

        Also, my issue is with how most playoffs are seeded. Once you get into the playoffs, the head-to-head format makes the most sense. It's like going into sudden-death.


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