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  • michez michez Dec 25, 2012 3:16 PM Flag

    New league type? "Player steal"

    This year I started a league called winners steal. all yahoo rules are the same but if a team wins there matchup they can steal a player from the losing team.
    Basic rules
    1. there are three protected players on each team.
    2. you can only have one protected player for each position. "so you can't protect 2 Rb's or what ever position".
    3. each week you can change your protected players, they must be posted before Wed at 9pm. or previous week players are used
    4. player steals must be posted by Wed 9pm or they are forefited
    5. the winning team must also post a drop palyer to make room for there steal player in the same message as the player steal.

    Besides those rules the only thing different is that the comissoner has to make the changes under comissoner tools. adding and droping the steal players for each team.

    It is alot of fun. We have run a baseball league the same way. so should work for any sport. PPR or standard leagues.

    If enough people do it maybe yahoo will make it an option you never know.

    email me if there are any questions.

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