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  • Jacob Jacob Dec 24, 2012 8:36 AM Flag

    Cheating commissioner Michael Pritchard

    In my ppr league I was playing in the Super Bowl last night against my commissioner. I was down 2.9 points when San Fran got the garbage td dropping his Seattle def score 3 points making me the winner by .10 points. Last night Vincent Jackson's points were 17.80 for 7 rec=7points and 108yds for 10.8 points. That's correct. This morning I wake up to Vincent Jackson's stats staying the same but all of a sudden he has 18.80 points pushing the cheating #$%$ commissioner MICHAEL PRITCHARD ahead by .90 for the win. Talk about pathetic sad thing is that there wasn't any money involved so what's he get out of it. I've put him on blast all over Facebook and yahoo so what he gets to say he won the league by cheating. Cause the proof is in the pictures I posted of all the final scores and everyone's stats before and after he added the magic point. I had taken all the pics cause I didn't trust him cause the first time we played he added over 30 points so he would stay undefeated. Is there anyway we can get yahoo involved in point alterations by a commissioner

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