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  • robert payne robert payne Dec 16, 2012 11:03 AM Flag

    locked out of all my leagues

    Why was I locked out of all my leagues when I didnt do anything wrong in the others leagues im in? I didnt drop any players and now im in the playoffs but i cant edit my team. I start RG3 I cant take him out. I dont feel that is right.

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    • You acted like a little child in 1 league there is no reason for Yahoo to believe you would act like an adult in the others From Robbie's other post he mentioned he dumped his entire roster and used offensive language and in his own defense he stated "They started cussing me first." My reply then and now is the same but feel you are only looking to avoid responsibilty for your actions

      "The mommy they did it first excuse didn't work when you were 5 why go there now and even though you werent trying to be 1 you succeeded at being 1 Learn from this and take it as a growing experience Saying sorry is a good start but actions have consequences Learn that lesson here before having to make real choices with real consequences"

      Good luck next year

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      • Not sure of the particulars in this situation but when Yahoo makes an action against you it affects your entire account and not just the one league. Under 'rules', search 'fair play' Yahoo states - "Any violations of the Terms of Service or Fair Play & Sportsmanship rules may result in action taken against all teams associated with the offending Yahoo! ID, including those in different leagues or Fantasy games."


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