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  • Shake Shake Dec 13, 2012 2:54 PM Flag

    Need some Commish Advice.

    So, after the playoffs were set..the remaining 6 teams (10 team league) that weren't in the playoffs were locked. I figured I wouldn't have to worry about anyone dropping players for no reason. Now, the top seed in our playoffs drops Dez Bryant on Tuesday Morning, with just a report that says he may be out for the season. Obviously it's not be clarified whether he will or not, but I'm reading reports that say he may play this weekend. The top seed that dropped Bryant didn't pick up a replacement through waivers either, and the 4th seed who plays the top seed picked up Bryant off the waivers.

    I'm wondering what, if anything to do about that. I don't want to manage other people's teams, but what if Dez hypothetically goes off in the playoffs and wins this 4th seed owner the championship when he wouldn't have had him in the first place?

    Any advice?

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    • This reply is to Eulogys...I see your point about Gronk, I still think people are missing my point, or maybe I'm taking the rule we have in our league too literally.

      But either way, I didn't keep anything from happening, but it did cross my mind as to why this guy would just drop a top guy without even figuring out whether or not he was out or not...he did have an extra defense and Vick on his bench, and Dez hadn't been ruled out.

      But you guys are right as far as not intervening, which I didn't, but where do you draw the line then? Letting people drop big names at any time is okay? Is it only okay if there's a potential injury? How bad does the injury have to be? I mean it's a lot of gray area isn't it. I'm just trying to be the best commish I can be and be fair to all teams so I don't end up having a league where people are colluding or giving up on the season, not that this was the case but just in general. I mean it seems that basically what your telling me is that the commish role is just to start the league and basically do nothing else?

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      • They should be allowed to drop anyone they want at any time with two exceptions:
        1. Collusive use of the waiver system with another manager.
        2. Dropping an entire team (or the majority of the team) out of frustration or with a desire to ruin the league.

        For #1, you would need some actual proof. Not just a hunch.

        The commish's role is to start the league, to make sure everyone knows the rules, and to enforce said rules.

        People make mistakes all the time. You can't stop them from making it. How would it be more fair to put Dez back on the original owners lineup, absolving him of the error? It wouldn't be fair to the guy who managed his waiver priority and picked him up. Anyway, you did the right thing. Good job.

      • I think the part that everyone here is missing is the fact that the guy didn't pick anyone up to replace the player he dropped. What was the point of dropping Dez if you don't replace him with anyone? I think you asked a perfectly legitimate question, I think that most just have problems with reading comprehension. The move reaked of cheating or a mistake any way you look at it. I don't think I would have made any changes, but I would have asked why the guy didn't pick up another player from FA to replace Dez. If he feels he's done, thats fine. But an empty roster spot makes no sense what so ever. And since you have the rule in place that every move has to improve your team, even if Dez died in a plane crash, dropping him for nothing doesn't improve your team at all. Therefore, the guy was breaking your league's rules regardless of the outcome of Bryants injury.

        Anyways, i'm glad it didn't affect the outcome. Now hopefully the idiot that dropped Dez will lose down the line because of the move. Good luck!

      • There's a lot of roles for the commissioner, but they mostly have to deal with setting up the league/rules and then handling any disputes between the owners. Trying to micro-manage an owners roster is not one of them. When you start dictating who can and can't be dropped, you're creating your own Can't Cut List, which you'll find most people don't like playing with.

        I've been a commissioner for 15+ years and have seen my fair share of questionable roster moves, but the only time I have felt it was my responsibility as commissioner to reverse them are when non-playoff teams try to dump their rosters into the FA market. Other than that, all you can do is just shake your head and laugh.

    • leave it the hell alone! i can't even believe you're asking such a question. you asked: whst if dez hypothetically goes off in the playoff and wins the 4th seed...blah, blah, blah. so what? no rule was broken , nothing unethical going on, just a player drop...that while ill-advised or not, should be left alone. sounds like you want to "steer"the outcome of the playoffs. what would be your line of reasoning for such a move? i just don't get it..

    • What you should do when one team drops a top player and his opponent for the week picks him up and uses him to beat him - laugh at the manager that dropped the player.

    • This is the second person we have heard of who dropped Dez because of one report by Yahoo. Most agreed that the first one was negligent for not checking other sources, and not waiting until the 'thruth' comes out. His own fault. His loss. The other guys gain. Live and Learn. So what were you wanting to do and why?

    • What? Why would you do anything? Its not illegal to drop a player. The #1 seed can do whatever he wants, and the #4 seed can pick up whoever he wants.

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      • I haven't done anything, I'm not saying I am going to do anything. I said I don't want to manage anyone's team, however I do have to look at issues that involve league integrity. Not sure if this is one, hence the question.

        But doing roster moves (adds/drops/trades) should improve your team correct? Dropping Dez, when the player himself says he'll play without picking up anyone in return doesn't exactly improve your team...but maybe I'm being too literal.

        Either way, I'll just let it play out the way it is I guess, it's not my job to baby sit people's moves but I think it's stupid to drop a top 7 WR that's not been ruled out, pick up no one for him, and then the guy this top seed is playing picks up that WR to use against him potentially...but that's on him I suppose.


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