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  • B B Dec 19, 2012 8:59 AM Flag

    Need some Commish Advice.

    They should be allowed to drop anyone they want at any time with two exceptions:
    1. Collusive use of the waiver system with another manager.
    2. Dropping an entire team (or the majority of the team) out of frustration or with a desire to ruin the league.

    For #1, you would need some actual proof. Not just a hunch.

    The commish's role is to start the league, to make sure everyone knows the rules, and to enforce said rules.

    People make mistakes all the time. You can't stop them from making it. How would it be more fair to put Dez back on the original owners lineup, absolving him of the error? It wouldn't be fair to the guy who managed his waiver priority and picked him up. Anyway, you did the right thing. Good job.


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