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  • Shake Shake Dec 13, 2012 3:18 PM Flag

    Need some Commish Advice.

    I haven't done anything, I'm not saying I am going to do anything. I said I don't want to manage anyone's team, however I do have to look at issues that involve league integrity. Not sure if this is one, hence the question.

    But doing roster moves (adds/drops/trades) should improve your team correct? Dropping Dez, when the player himself says he'll play without picking up anyone in return doesn't exactly improve your team...but maybe I'm being too literal.

    Either way, I'll just let it play out the way it is I guess, it's not my job to baby sit people's moves but I think it's stupid to drop a top 7 WR that's not been ruled out, pick up no one for him, and then the guy this top seed is playing picks up that WR to use against him potentially...but that's on him I suppose.

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    • you were at least considering "babysitting' someone's roster or you wouldn't have asked the question!!!! i've got dez on my roster and i won't be playing him sunday. just because dez may play;...means nothing. it's not guarantee that he scores a point. sillliest question i've ever seen posted. in this forum.

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      • Been away for a few days but if this is the silliest question you've ever seen posted, then this question must be the first one you've read on this forum....so yeah, nice hyperbole.

        On that note, I left it alone, let the guy drop him and let his opponent use him against the original owner...and low and behold it didn't matter anyways, though Dez did score 11.90 points in my league.

        My real question about it when I started this thread, and maybe I didn't word it good enough, was that we have this rule that states...that all moves shall be made with improving your team...and dropping a guy that's top 7 at his position without picking up a player doesn't really scream improving your team to me, especially when that guy wasn't ruled out officially and actually played.

        Perhaps like I said I was maybe being too literal with that rule, so I sided with doing nothing and letting the guy drop his player, but the thing is in future seasons I'd prefer that team owners don't start dumping top players they have, just because they read an erroneous report, and the player isn't as injured as reported and subsequently plays...which then could change the landscape of who wins or loses depending on who picks up this top player that never would have had the player to begin with....That was the potential issue I was bringing up...not that I was trying to decide who wins, or who loses by any means because I don't like to get involved in people's moves and have never had to since having this league...but perhaps I should have made my question clearer. Hope you understand now.

    • I never drop someone unless I'm picking up someone...
      There is nothing you can do or should do...


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