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  • robert payne robert payne Dec 11, 2012 9:06 PM Flag

    locked out of three leagues

    I have been locked out of all three of my leagues. Is there anything I can do? I droped alot of my players in one of my leagues and had a dispute with some of the other players. I am sorry.

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    • "They started cussing me first."
      The mommy they did it first excuse didn't work when you were 5 why go there now and even though you werent trying to be 1 you succeeded at being 1 Learn from this and take it as a growing experience Saying sorry is a good start but actions have consequences Learn that lesson here before having to make real choices with real consequences

      Good luck next year

    • Ha! Don't be a d0uche next year

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      • I wasnt trying to be a #$%$ ghole. They started cussing me first. I said Im sorry i dont understand why Im locked out of every league. I didnt do anything but drop all my players because everyone was mad because i picked up the players someone else droped. Again it will never happen again I just want the two teams that I havent done anythiong wrong on to unlock but i dont guess its going to happen. I paid to be in these leagues and i didnt do anything wrong.. this is my first year in a pay league and didnt know I was causing so much trouble. Again I sorry for what i said and for droping alot of my players I just didnt know.


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