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  • Matthew Matthew Dec 11, 2012 6:56 PM Flag

    Regular season tie breaker!!

    Some big money leagues that I know of dont use head to head at all, which eliminates any match-up luck factor (how many times have you seen the second lowest scorer win because s/he happened to be matched up with the lowest scorer?). While the luck is removed, so is a lot of the fun as well (in my opinion) but you are free to seek out those kind of leagues or create your own. It's an option set by the commish at the beginning of the season. All managers have access to scoring and settings. There should be no surprises at the end of the year if people would simply take 1/10th the time to check the settings and rule as they do researching waiver pickups.

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    • the comish cant change it either. i told every body in my league head 2 head was first tie breaker and their is no where in the settings for me to change it to head 2 head. its been right up front all year though points being 1st tie breaker. its not like it just changed after wk 14

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      • me and 3 other owners are all 9-5 How else you break that 1 anyway. or even a 3 way tie, it has to be points, lol

      • Sorry, I was talking about setting up a points only league in response to Glazier. In your situation you gave out bad info to your league. It's not a big deal, it's out of your control at this point. Just apologize, point them to the tie breaker rules. Hopefully they'll understand. Could any of them legitimately argue that they would have changed their play based on one tie breaker system vs another ("Oh, I totally benched my studs thinking overall points didnt matter, but still played enough to get my wins")? I hope it works out for you, just be honest. The reasonable ones will accept for what it is.


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