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  • Jack Jack Dec 10, 2012 9:55 PM Flag

    Is this cheating?

    I'm the commish in a private league with friends. We have 4 playoff spots, 3 of which are locked up. The 4th place team (panthers) is 8-5, and the 5th place team (cobras) is 7-6. The cobras needed a win and a panther loss, because the cobras have the tiebreaker. The cobras won, however, the panthers won as well. The only problem is, the team the panthers were playing, the 10th place team, intentionally threw the game. Had the 10th place team played his real players, the panthers would lose, putting the cobras in the playoffs. I have to make a decision on whether or not to change the points to put the cobras in or not. Is this cheap but legal, or cheating and illegal? This is a money league by the way.

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    • For anyone still curious, I ruled that it wasn't cheating, but put a rule in place for next year. The guy who cheated to get in got knocked out first round, so he got what was coming to him.

    • It sounds like them two are going to split the dough if he wins, ANYWHO i would contact all other players in your league, except the two in question, and get a vote or a feel on what to do. Its #$%$ what they did but its not a first. I would talk with your other league players and see what they got to say. Good Luck with and i hope you win your league. Peace Don

    • it honestly depends on who the 10th place team started versus who was benched. Just because a high profile player was benched for a less owned player doesnt mean cheating. He could have felt that the lesser player had more upside. Example: week 14 benching tom brady vs texans in favor of nick foles vs tampa. I felt houston would limit brady and foles would finally get going against weak pass defense in tampa. I was basically right with brady posting 27 points and foles with 31. Was is ballsy? hell yes. did it pay off? yes i won that matchup and those 4 points helped. Point being is since this worked for me it wasnt seen as cheating. if foles completely tanked this game it could be seen as me trying to help a guy trying to get the last playoff spot.

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      • Chris, in your case, you are talking about two players who were known to be starting for their teams, not quite the same as a backup who rarely gets touches throughout the season. Good move by the way! I certainly wouldn't consider your situation as cheating if Foles had not come through for you, it's just part of the game. I had a couple players who tanked today (M. Stafford and D. Thomas) and took me out of the championship round but I certainly won't be charged with throwing the match even though it was against a friend.

    • I don't know how anybody can comment on this without knowing the details.
      I'd like to know who he started and who was benched before pointing fingers.
      For all we know Jack's opinion is that of a kindergartner

    • Benching your starters in a matchup that has an immediate impact on a playoff scenario or any other scenario is not a good faith or fair play move. I would reset the 10th place team's starting lineup as played the week prior to this controversial matchup, lock him/her out of your league with all entry fees forfeited, and find a new team manager for next season.

    • yes it would be why would he thrpow the game thats his fault bud its a week to week game and if your friend or fellow reveal did something that stupid its his fault so he so not make playoffs my option and i am sure alot of people wouold agree with me gl with your league

    • After last night, with both NFL teams sitting starters in a real NFL game to fight another day, I don't know how this can be considered anything but the way things are. And yes in a $$ league it's all about winning, next week, and putting yourself in the best position to do that. jmo

    • Go to yahoo 'help' or 'rules' and do a search on fair play. In a private/custom league Yahoo does not interfere leaving the responsibility to you and your league.

      No, It's not fair play, so cheap in my book.You may want to give it a league vote and abide by that decision. Have them all vote privately to you to avoid someone feeling obligated. When did team 10 make these changes or have they abandoned their team? Can you prove collusion between the two teams? If so, and depending on the league vote, then you can lock that team, withhold any winnings or have them lose the playoff spot. Oh, and don't allow them back into your league in the future.

    • cheap,unethical, poor sportsmanship, and any number of negative adjectives could well describe this low-brow, slimey kind of move...but unless you have a rule in place that clearly states that this is not permissible, then technically...it's not cheating. I have nothing against people playing in money leagues...but from a lot of years playing this game and a lot of bad experiences, when you mix money and fantasy football...greed usually takes priority over anything and everything, and people set their integrity outside the door when they walk into your league. that's why i don't play in money leagues any more.


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