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  • Tiffany Tiffany Dec 10, 2012 2:46 PM Flag

    our commissioner deleted our whole league before the end of Week 14

    Why is our commissioner allowed to delete our whole league at 8:27pm during the GB-DET game last night?????????? We had 8 FFL players, 3 were tied for 2nd place, and then at 8:27 last night our league commissioner just ups and deletes our whole league...HOW IS THIS FAIR???? and WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT IT???

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    • Tiffany,
      I left a message earlier but can't seem to find it now. I have a League that I could turn over to your group next year. Then the "Kids" can have a team and have fun and not have to worry about someone pulling the rug out again.
      Short version. I would be willing to make you a Co-Owner of my team in that league this year. (In the Playoffs and won round 1) After the season I would make you a Co Commish and once you got a handle on the Commish thing I would just sign off. All Yours and who ever you want to invite next year.
      Let me know if you you are interested. It's an established league with good people. And they have no expectations of being invited back because I wasn't going to renew it next year anyway.
      "A League Of Your Own" ! lol

      I would hate to see you go over to
      'The Other Side' (Public) Cringe


    • Tiffany, My advice...don't waste your time contacting Yahoo. Even if they close the guys account, he can just open another under another name. Besides...it'll do nothing to restore your league. I'm assuming you're playing in a league with a Commissioner you're not personally acquainted with...and if that's indeed the case, this is one of the risks you always run. i've seen such stupid acts committed over and over. It's a shame...and you have my sympathy, but all you can do is just count this as a learning experience.

    • That really sucks. Yahoo gives Commishes free rein to do as they want and won't really do anything. But that doesn't mean you can't write to them and let them know. It would be great if you knew the League # and the Commishes Email and Team Name...include as much info as you can or they will blow you off. They say they won't do anything, but they might yank his account. I have seen accounts yanked for less. But I am afraid your year is over. Sorry to hear someone wants to win so much that if they can't, no one will. Rule #1 in Fantasy Football. Beware The Commish.

    • Nobody can "delete" the league.
      "League cannot be deleted once the team list is finalized."

      • 1 Reply to Chris the Chemist
      • Ok, my mistake, he changed the League name and removed all the owners as team managers from their teams. Close enough to deleting it. I have spoken to 5 of the 8 teams and they have all received the same message " A commissioner removed you as a team manager from the team Texas Horns in the league Unbelievable. You will no longer be able to access this team. If you believe this message was sent in error please contact a commissioner directly:" I have tried to contact him and he is not responding, this is not fair to any of the team managers, and it seems in appropriate for a commissioner.


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