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  • John G John G Dec 10, 2012 4:03 PM Flag

    our commissioner deleted our whole league before the end of Week 14

    Tiffany, My advice...don't waste your time contacting Yahoo. Even if they close the guys account, he can just open another under another name. Besides...it'll do nothing to restore your league. I'm assuming you're playing in a league with a Commissioner you're not personally acquainted with...and if that's indeed the case, this is one of the risks you always run. i've seen such stupid acts committed over and over. It's a shame...and you have my sympathy, but all you can do is just count this as a learning experience.

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    • Sometimes it can be good to just get it off your chest..sort of speak, don't you think John? Therapy man!

    • well you are probably right. But unfortunately this league was made up of what was supposed to be friends. I guess I've learned that I should make better choices in friends. I thought it would be ok for a group of friends that included my two teenage sons to play a little FF together...how wrong I was.. lesson learned...next year...public leagues only, but now my profile shows 2012 blank and I was in 3rd place last night...UGH!!

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      • Really sorry to hear this happened to you...especially so far along in the season. I once asked a friend if he'd like to play in my league, and he quickly answered, "Hell no! I've seen too many grown men get in actual fist fights in the parking lot over a fantasy football game". He essentially blamed fantasy football for causing problems in the relationships of good friends. I think otherwise. What fantasy football does is to simply offer an opportunity to see what your friends are really like. Give them the opportunity to compete...especially if money is involved, and you'll get a full view of what their character is truly like. Of all the endeavors I've been involved with in life...I've never seen anything reveal character, or lack thereof...more than this game. And I was a psychiatric social worker for years! I thought I'd seen it all until I started playing this game a few years ago! lol


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