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  • John G John G Dec 11, 2012 2:02 AM Flag

    Stats Tracker is not updating. Yahoo is having a bad season

    Da Sweet, Week 10 didn't adversely affect our league because we came up with a solution. Here's what we did:

    As soon as I was aware of the problem, I talked it over with my co-commissioner and we decided to go on the 'honor system', which in this case meant that we simply asked each owner to tell us what changes to their lineups that they would have made, had they been able to. Then, we presented the plan to all of the owners and asked if any had any problem with this solution. No one did...so we changed the scores to reflect their intended lineups. One owner gained 8 points or so, another lost around 13.

    The solution wouldn't work for every league...because as we've been discussing, some owners & commissioners want to do anything but play by the rules. But with our league, we're all friends who trust each other....so it worked out just fine.

    As we both alluded to, communication between the commissioner and the other owners is vital. And of course...nothing can really work unless you have a group of people who want to play with integrity. Unfortunately, you can only do so much to try to assure that you're playing with a group of honorable folks...as people can certainly fool you. I can't tell you the number of people that we haven't invited to play a second season due to the problems they caused in the first. And...in seven years of this one league, we've kicked 4 owners out of the league after the season was underway. Sometimes you have to cut your losses. The most important aspect of any league is to have a commissioner that is firm...but fair, and that's what I try to be.

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