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  • Gmen Gmen Dec 6, 2012 2:57 PM Flag

    Cheating comish changes lineups so he can make playoffs...

    My team lost last week by 20 points and the guy who beat me made the playoffs. However, when I signed on today my opponents lineup was changed and he misses the playoffs while the comish just made it in. It's pretty apparent he is going to change all the playoff lineups so he wins the league. What can be done about this?

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    • Nothing, join the crowd because there seems to be a lot of you. Are you sure it wasn't because of Stat Corrections? If he DID make change they will show up in the recent trasactions/activity log. It will say something like :" Cheating Commish, Roster Change, to Poor Sucker Week 13" and could have a "C" notation (They changed it since last year but ti still shows up) If he hasn't locked you out make a public stink. If he did all you can do is give him a chitty rating. He can't lock that. League Members Rate! only 150 words so make them count. Yahoo is suppost to weed out the #$%$ if they get enough complaints. You can also complain to Yahoo with your League name and number and th the Commish name and they ight yank his account, but I doubt they will do anything. gl next year. Beware of Commish with a case full of gold.

    • Nothing. You can give feedback, but thats about it


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