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  • Lee H Lee H Dec 6, 2012 1:23 AM Flag

    dispute of Fair Play & Sportsmanship rules PLEASE CHIME IN.

    player players doesnt really matter how many.
    theres no nitpicking either, when a player that put up 60 points in 3 weeks now 75 in a month hits the wire everyone sees that. And how can it not be collusion when they basically are saying ill help your team this week and you help me next week. 2 shady deals dont make 1 legal one.
    There is no banning or discipline I just want everyone to follow the rules and make it fair.
    By the looks of some of the questions that commishes are asking on this board it kinda seems that noone is really trying to play fair so I shouldnt complain with the leauge I run.

    Thanks for the posts.

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    • Initially I thought collusion, but as Matthew explained in depth, i would let it pass without concern. With waivers in place, it could easily have gone another direction, as other teams may have had opportunity to claim the player(s). Give them credit for finding a way to get something done after the trade deadline, and courage to take the chance. Its a game, for crying out loud! No worries.

    • You asked the question based on the rules you posted which were not broken - until you apply your biased convoluted view. You clearly already had your mind made up before you asked, so why did you even bother?


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