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  • John G John G Dec 8, 2012 3:37 PM Flag

    Throwing a game for a better playiff matchup

    you know it is. there are those who insist that it's just 'smart strategy'....and that's #$%$. if i have to win a championship by cheap tricks like that...i'd rather lose. anything i don't earn...i don't want.

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    • Why in the hell wouldn't I take the path of least resistance? The 'holier than thou' crap is garbage. Make an educated decision, one in which you believe will give you the best chance to win, and follow through. It's not cheating nor dishonest. It's strategy. Find some.

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      • as i said....technically, it might not be cheating...because the commissioner either forgot to make a rule forbidding it, or trusted people enough that he wouldn't have to deal with cheats. it has nothing to do with being 'holier than thou'. it has everything to do with playing that game ethically, as it's intended to be played. that you reject this concept doesn't surprise me a bit. cheaters have no respect for the game. they just want to win...at any cost.


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