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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 6, 2012 2:07 PM Flag

    Throwing a game for a better playiff matchup


    Well there is no clear answer apparently. Some people believe you put your best team on the field no matter what; others say it is fine to look at the bigger picture. I guess I am going with number 2; after all how many NFL teams bench key players after they have wrapped up their division?? In my mind there is NOTHING wrong with fielding whatever team you want any given week.

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    • keep telling yourself there's no clear answer and that there's nothing wrong about what you're obviously going to do. if you'd be honest with yourself, you wouldn't even have to pose the question. it's a cheap, cheaters way of winning. nothing ethical, nothing right about it. technically within the rules...? perhaps. fair play? helll no.

    • it's not about fielding whatever team you want...it's about fielding the team every week. NFL teams bench key players...but that's a totally different situation from fieldign an entire starting roster in order to THROW A GAME for a better playoff matchup. if a team ever pulled such a low-class move, i suspect a trip to Roger Goodell's office would be close at hand, and if rules aren't in place in the NFL to stop such a blatant abuse...then there would be very quickly.