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    I'm in two league on CBS where the higher seed is a 6.5 pt. favorite so there is no possibility of a tie. I don't see anything here on Yahoo. As of now, it seems regular-season tiebreakers prevail. Maybe a note will appear prior to Week 14 beginning. Does anyone who is not in their first season like me have an answer? Thanks!

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    • Not sure exactly what your question is. What does being a favorite have to do with anything?

    • Search "help" for playoff tiebreaker. Tricky I know.

      This article explains how playoff ties are broken in Yahoo! Fantasy Sports.


      In the event that a Fantasy playoff game ends in a tie, the deadlock is broken using the following system:

      #1 Winning percentage against this opponent during the regular season

      #2 Playoff seed

      How is winning percentage determined?

      Head-to-Head Standard leagues

      The winning percentage is based on individual stat category wins and losses, and not matchup wins and losses. (A tie is worth a half win or 0.5, and a half loss or 0.5)

      Example: Team A and Team B played each other three times during the regular season.

      - In Matchup 1, Team A won 9-3-1.
      - In Matchup 2, Team B won 6-4-3.
      - In Matchup 3, Team A won 7-5-1.

      Team A had 20 stat category wins vs. Team #$%$ 14 stat category wins during the regular season, with 5 ties.

      Team A's winning percentage would be .577 (20 wins + 2.5 for ties = 22.5 / 39 total).

      Head-to-Head One-Win and Head-to-Head Points leagues

      The tiebreaker is the matchup win percentage against this opponent during the regular season. (Not stat category wins)

      All Head-to-Head Fantasy Football leagues are Head-to-Head Points leagues.

      Example: Team C beat Team D, 3 out of 4 times during the regular season for a .750 win percentage.

      It is not possible for a custom league commissioner to deviate from this tiebreaking system.


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