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  • Jason Jason Dec 2, 2012 2:45 PM Flag

    editing records

    Is there anyway to edit someones record to keep them from entering the playoffs? In our league, we play for 20 bucks a team and someone is refusing to pay and they are doing fairly well. Just wondering if there is anyway to get them out of the playoff running.

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    • A lot of good options posted here. Another option to consider is to advise him (and the league via message) that unless he pays prior to Thursdays kickoff (or any deadline you choose) he will be ineligible for any payouts and the payouts will slide down a spot below him (if he finishes first, top payout goes to 2nd, etc). Make it clear that there will be NO exceptions ("oh, hey I won, just take my dues out of the winnings!") and that you will announce the results ("he did/did not pay!") to the league at the specified deadline. The upside to this is you'll still have a shot of getting his dues and you wont have to eat the cost yourself, plus the playoffs will seeded as they should. Of course if he still doesn't pay then you've still got someone who shouldn't be there.

    • Collecting league dues prior to drafting prevents this from happening every time.

    • Commish should be able to edit that team's total points scored for any or all weeks, which would affect their win/loss record.


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