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    Last Place "Tax"/Dealing with 'Derelict" Managers

    I commission a highly competitive 14 team PPR, Superflex, IDP, $100 each FFL.
    I initiated a controversial "Last Place Tax" before the season began of $25 to prevent bad teams from completely giving up at this time of the year. Just now (conveniently) the bottom-dwellers are beginning to whine about this saying it wasn't their fault that all their players got hurt. I also began issuing a "3 strikes" policy where if you exhibited derelict activity (not fielding a complete line-up, slotting players designated "Out", blatant disregard of using your waiver, etc.),
    I guess I want to know how other commissioners deal with this and wether you think I'm being too "heavy-handed" here.
    The comparison I make is that derelict managers are like the 3rd baseman at a Black Jack table that split 10's when the dealer is showing a 6 and you have a $600 hand. It screws everyone!
    Thanks for your input.
    -E'ville Dead

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    • If they are there to complain they can't be derelict. But if they agreed to it and have been derelict throughout the year according to your standards then charge them. If they have been active and just had bad luck then do you want to add insult to injury?
      Do you enforce the Letter of the Law or the Spirit of the Law? You got everyone to participate all year? then let it slide.


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