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  • KevinF KevinF Nov 30, 2012 9:34 AM Flag

    Fellow Commish'es

    Got a guy in my league, just dropped his entire bench ... said 'I'm still fielding a starting lineup'... Playoffs start in Week 14. Our waivers process on Tuesdays, reverse order based on standings. So now we're flooded with more players, and peoples waiver claims haven't reset (not until Sunday).

    What do people think about this? Players dropped, Mike Bush, Mike Williams, Capernick, etc. Should I lock roster? Edit and put players back on? Or just leave alone?

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    • dudes, this is called dumping. which is illegal on most fantasy sites. you should only dump players that are on the IR, otherwise, it is illegal to do. ESPN and CBS sports will suspend you for doing this if caught. plus, most experience commishes will lock you out for the year or ban you from the leagues. thats why min my leagues we have an honor system placed and you break that, you will be called on it and not trusted so much.
      next year before the season starts, i would recomonded everyone start an honor system and tell everyone about rules incase they are not included on the site.

    • i've already stated how I'd handle the matter...but wanted to stress that this kind of situation could and should have been avoided by laying down a set of rules at the first of the season that everyone has to sign off on. as a commissioner, you need to have rules that cover as many possible scenarios in which people can cheat...as you can think of, as well as the consequences for breaking each rule. remember the old saying...'an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure'.

    • Restore his dropped players, lock his team. Don't invite him back, or if its a Keeper, find a new owner with better character and sportsmanship.

    • do what mike said.

    • Lock roster
      use commish tools to put dropped players back on team
      Post message to the league stating you cannot allow a team not in the hunt to affect the outcome of the league and you will set the roster according to yahoo's best line up"

      Don't let him ruin the season for the other teams.
      My favorite site FFT would suggest "you go over to his house knock on the door and punch him in the face in front of his wife and kids" but this is optional

    • Sure sounds fishy to me! Since he's out of the playoffs, my first impression is that he's in collusion with one or more of the playoff teams! Is there money involved in this league? Even if there isn't, there's definetly something shady going on! The comment you came up with about not wanting to unfairly affect the outcomes or rosters of the playoff teams sounds good to me! I agree with Eulogys! Put all those players back on his team, and then lock him out, but don't bench them! As long as he has a starting lineup, that would be the most fair thing to do for his opponent and all of the other playoff teams! If you don't want to lock him out after putting those players back, you could wait and see if he does it again, and THEN lock him, but I would probably just go on and do it now! Just my opinion!

    • I disagree with EVERY reply here. He didn;t dump his starters, just a bunch of hack bench players. If they were bench players on the 2-10 team, I'm pretty sure they won't be starters for anyone else.

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      • Anyone who tries to justify this action as legit is a cheating piece of garbage. That includes you Mrs. Cartman262.

        Put the players back on his bench, leave his starting lineup as he has it set and lock this #$%$ team. Period.

      • I think Cartman is the manager "Colluding" with this accused Manager ;) What is the guys' reasoning for doing this besides being an A**hole? I don't consider any of these players "Hacks" unless you're in a 10 team or less league. Kaepernick is a top-10 QB play according to many rankings. If the only reasoning he provides is that he is still "Technically" playing by the rules, something is up. Trust me, in my highly-competitive league, he would be ostracized.

    • He's still fielding a starting lineup. Whats the problem?

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      • His actions are having an impact on the outcome of the league and there may even be some "Collusion" involved ("Pssst ... Hey Buddy, drop Bush so I can grab him!"). He's being a baby and it's your job as the commish to defend the integrity of the league. Add the players back, lock his #$%$, explain why (gently if he's unstable) and don't invite him back if he ever does it again!

    • Put all his players back on his team, then bench them all, then lock his #$%$. (Commish Tools, adjust rosters. And lock him first so he can't keep dropping them at the same time you are replacing them) That should fix his wagon.


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