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  • Nye Nye Nov 30, 2012 8:00 AM Flag

    What should Yahoo Change for Next Year.


    In addition to Min per position, add MAX. For example we limit RB to 5. So Min-Max should be 2-5 in our league. Currently you have to monitor MAX at League Rosters.

    In transactions, Allow same player to be listed more than once for a Waiver Claim when listing several waiver claims. For example: Listing ADD Foster drop Benson, then listing Add Bradshaw Drop Benson, then listing ADD player Bradshaw drop Player MDJ. Currently you cannot do this. Waivers would then be processed in order that they are listed and players available to drop.

    Only have one position for a player, make an executive decision, do not list a player on the PLAYER LIST as a WR/RB for example. Currently there are only two or three players identified that way, but there always is. It allows an unfair flex in rosters in leagues that do and do not have flex positions. For example, next year the Packers may list Cobb as a QB/WR/RB, would yahoo do the same thing? Hope not.

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