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  • Pete Pete Nov 29, 2012 2:43 PM Flag

    Rogue Commissioner

    Is there a way to remove the commissioner? Basically fire the guy! Long story short, a trade was going to be allowed by him that was a blatant red flag! Collusion! Then the league Managers discussed openly that it must get vetoed! Smack talk began because of the disagreeing Commish! So, he proceeded to LOCK folks out, remove and drop various managers entire rosters whom disagreed with him. Advice and recommendations please....? Thanks Big Sal!

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    • There is One thing you can do. Give them the RATing they deserve. They can't lock you out of that. Under Mangers: Rating. You only have 150 words so make them count. I don't know who see's these ratings other than Yahoo, ( I rated someo fmy members last year and I sure don't see them anywhere) but they are suppose to weed out the Rats if they get enough complaints. So email your other Owners and tell them too. But other than that, no not much you can do. Yahoo won't do anything but a complaint woudn't hurt with your league name and number and Commish Name etc. . Good Luck.

    • Advise. Choose your Commish more wisely next year. Unfortunatley this is the time of year we will hear more of this and you won;t be alone. If it looks like a rat and smells like a rat and has a trophy case full of Gold, then it probably isn't a bunny. Sorry to hear.
      Rule # 1. Beware the Commish Rule #2 Coaches lie like dogs. I used to run a beginners league and those were the two rules I taught everyone.

    • Find another league.


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