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  • MARK MARK Nov 28, 2012 1:09 PM Flag

    Manager claims player added to team's IR slot by Yahoo

    This past week a Manager in our Keeper League claims Beanie Wells who he picked up the week prior from FA/IR was placed into his teams IR slot automatically when he picked up another FA when he had a full roster. He was never notified to Drop another player to make room. This normally wouldn't be an issue but our league rules indicate if you place somebody in your IR slot you lose him for the remainder of the year and he becomes a keeper for next year. This Manager had planned on playing him this week and not keeping him as a keeper for next year. Is it possible that YAHOO settings played a role in moving an IR player into a team's IR slot without prior consent from the Manager?

    The league's Commissioner has decided the Manager is not allowed to place him back on his active roster and moved Wells back into FA where another Manager acquired him. The Commissioner believes the Manager in question deliberately moved Wells into the IR slot with the intent to put him back on his rooster before this weeks matchup to free up a rooster spot for last weeks game. The Manager has indicated he new the rules of the league IR and never placed him in the IR slot.
    The timing of this couldn't be worse given the Commissioner's team is playing the Manager's team in question this week, winner goes to the playoffs.

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