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  • Rob's Rockers Rob's Rockers Nov 29, 2012 8:36 AM Flag

    Yahoo change the following stat modifiers next year

    I respectfully disagee. If the defense stops the opposing offense then they get the ball back via a punt return. Only that yardage should be credited to the defense. Why would the defense get kickoff return (KR) yardage too? For giving up points? It makes no sense to combine the two. Defenses should only get punt return (PR) yardage. That my humble opinion. At the very least let the league commish have a choice between the three: Both KR yardage and PR yardage, or either one of the the two.

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    • Kickoff and punt returns are special teams. It is not the defensive team that is on the field at the time of a kick off or punt. You are correct that a kick off due to a score (not the start of the game or half) does indicate a failure of the defense to do its job. I do agree that any yardage gained by a kickoff should be given to the special teams. I also believe that yardage gained by a punt should also be given to the special teams. For me, this is due to that simple fact that it is the special teams on the field at the time of those plays. The defense is done ... they have either done their jobs (4th down stop/3rd down stop leading to a punt/turnover) or not in the terms of a score.

      My original statement of what constitutes "defense" for Yahoo's Fantasy Football comes from Yahoo's article: ID: SLN6441. Within this article, they include special teams’ performance with defense performance. Perhaps that is inappropriate; however, it is the way Yahoo (and many others) has set up the game of fantasy football.

      I do agree with you that separating the return yards and allowing leagues to decide for themselves would allow for your desires to be acted upon without hindering other people's thoughts on this type of scoring.

      Speaking of return yards and defense - why isn't return yards for fumbles and interceptions counted as defensive return yards? Those are really the only true defensive return yards of a game.


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