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  • Rob's Rockers Rob's Rockers Nov 27, 2012 10:23 PM Flag

    Yahoo change the following stat modifiers next year

    Problem: Defenses should only get point for PUNT return yards not Kickoff return yardage too.
    Why: Defenses should get the punt return yardage as a bonus for stopping the other team's offense. No way a Defense should get the bonus of kickoff return yardage when they did not stop the other teams offense.
    Solution: Yahoo, please allow Commissioners the ability to select either Punt and/or Kickoff return yardage and any resulting TD's next year, as a possible Defense bonus. Please don't make it all inclusive as it is now.

    Also, any thought to having the option to pick a teams Offense as a scoring position? Presently, we can select a team defense. It might be interesting to allow for an Offense to be picked in place of the RB/WR roster position. Might we also have the ability to use the other RB/WR slot as another QB position if we choose to do so?

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