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  • Wilson Wilson Nov 27, 2012 9:57 PM Flag

    Yahoo FF losing touch

    Okay what is this latest thing with colored dots by each player( showing matchup strength). What happen to managers having to research and find talent and good match ups. Yahoo stop making it so easy. The real managers who research are losing...its getting to the point where a 1st grader could run a team in this league. By the way, I paid 9.99 for a scouting report to have what everyone else has for free.

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    • First of all... good job wasting 10 bucks!
      Secondly... the colored dots were always there, you just had to click on the little player notes icon to see them, or alternatively click on the research tab and look at matchup rankings.
      Third... I still can't believe you wasted 10 bucks! Wasn't it offered for free after the week 10 debacle?!

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      • If you paid 10 at the beginning of the year(for a scouting report that is available on various other websites) it isn't refunded when they blow up their servers and have to provide something free.

        Fantasy Football isn''t suppose to be beyond a 1st grade understanding, why does everyone get bitter when its made simpler? That's like claiming the NFL combine makes rookies skills too easily seen, so the good teams don't get good draft picks.


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