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  • cory cory Nov 26, 2012 3:25 PM Flag

    Julian Edelman no points for fumble return?

    My League did not give me any points for his fumble return for TD this week. Is there an error in the Yahoo scoring system?

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    • RB and WR's don't receive points when the QB coughs up the ball and they fall on it, Do they? Fumble recoveries are Defensive Player stats. Same thing, an Offensive Player trying to get points designated normally to IDPlayers. Sorry.
      But it has me wondering....If I set it to IDP but then no one picks up Def player....so when RB's and WR's fall on a fumble they get points. Or if this happens again....nah! lol

    • Do you have Edelman (as a WR) or the Patriots' Def? The play in question is considered a defensive/ST score meaning the point go to the Patriots' Def/ST not the individual player as Eul's mentioned in his post.

    • No error, your league must not use IDP. Those that are in IDP leagues already received their points for the fumble recovery and the points for the TD.

      I am shocked that you could not find the answer to this question in one of the other hundred similar posts since Thursday night.


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