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  • snake snake Nov 22, 2012 11:22 PM Flag

    People telling other people who to start/sit via the smack talk box

    As the playoff picture gets clearer in all leagues, you will see teams needing other teams not in their immediate matchup to win/lose for said team to make the playoffs. With the smack boxes it becomes easy for all teams to influence other teams' sits/starts, and waiver wire pickups even.

    For example.... Lets say the "zebras" need the "leopards" to lose to the "cougars" in order for the "Zebras" to have a chance at the playoffs. The Zebras get on the smack box, and tell the Cougars to drop Suisham because with Batch at QB they will not kick many field goals. He tells the Cougars to pick up Prater on the waiver wire instead.

    What are your thoughts on this? I've placed a rule in my league that you cannot comment on other peoples decisions until AFTER the games are played. If people can't follow that instruction then I turn off their posting priviledge for an amount of time that is determined by how blatant their disregard for the rule.

    What are you honest thoughts here? Does this make sense. Is this too much to ask of my league? Do you think its fair for the way the game is played to change only because people now understand who needs to win for them to get a playoff birth or first round bye?

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    • Is listening to matthew berry and other experts consider cheating as well ? Just wondering

    • How do you stop them from just emailing eachother then?

    • I can't believe this post has 66 replys?! Freedom of speech

    • Hey snake,
      Irate is spelled i r a t e, not i r r a t e. You should check your spelling & your words before you cut into the youth of America.
      Hey Conner, if you are the young & immature "punk" kid that snake "knows" you are, good for you. If by chance you have have not drank your first beer, avoid it for a while. When you are ready, I prefer Dos Equis! Good luck to you.
      snake, I apologize for capitalizing your name in my last post. Did not mean to embarrass you.

    • I really don't see anything wrong with this. Fantasy football is not about fair play or sportsmenship, it's FANTASY football. Giving advice to help another team beat an opponent in the smack talk section is totally fair, in fact it's probably the best smack talk I've ever heard about. Lots of people get advice on message boards, comment sections, expert articles and friends, this is not all that different. The reasons behind the advice are not altruistic, but as long as there is no blatent cheating it seems very heavy handed and controlling to try to stop this. I find it to be good gamesmanship, similar to picking up a player you have no intention of starting just so your opponent can't get him. I've also made trades targeting teams matched up against other good tougher teams in hopes of helping them win thus increasing my chances in the standings. I'm not making unfair trades, or picking up a crap load of guys on Friday to keep them on waivers through the weekend, there is a line...but the line you are drawing seems to be on the very conservetive side of things. Unless teams are making unfair trades or under the tables drop/adds its not necessary to bring the commish foot down.

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      • Ace. you wrote: "Fantasy football is not about fair play or sportsmenship, it's FANTASY football."

        of course it's about fairplay and sportsmanship. the problem lies in determining what's fair and what's not. as much as connor, john d. and i disagree on some aspects of this topic...i don't think that either of them would agree with this part of your statement. ridiculous.

    • Just let the players play and allow them to use the functions that yahoo provides. Don't dictate how people should communicate with each other, that's bad commishioning in my opinion. Your buddies will give advice on their cell phone, or in person when they see them anyways so why prevent smacktalk/advic on the site? As far as throwing games for playoff postioning, its immoral, frowned upon and I'm against it. But it happens.......in real football and in fantasy. Some things are left for the people to decide. You as a commissioner, are to oversee grievances and keep order,that's it. Don't dictate what your teams do when rules are already in place.

    • this will be my final comment on the subject. god knows i can be an incredible smart-A if someone wants to start a conversation with that tone, but i'm generally polite if people are polite to me. i say that because i see no need for the insults to continue to flow toward Snake...simply because you don't agree with him. next, if anyone thinks that i believe that smack talk should be shut down, or that giving advice is unethical...or cheating, you're wrong...and if you have paid attention to everything I've said thus far, you'd already know that. but rather than try to explain further, all the many ways that owners can stay within the rules...but play unethically, i'll just tell you the way i believe the game should be played.

      i'll repeat something i've already said, since it seems to have been ignored by some. i want owners in my league that try to beat the living #$%$ out of their opponents...every week, and that's the way i play. obviously, many of you like to use every little trick in the book to win...and virtually nothing is off limits, but here's how i play to win. I constantly research every aspect of the game that will hopefully result in my being the most knowledgeable owner in the league...and i constant update my knowledge base throughout the season. i make the fairest trades i can...rather than trying to take advantage of people...and thereby burn my bridge with them when later down the road, i might need their help. i do all the basics: solid draft, solid trades, solid FA and waiver adds/drops. if i win, i win because i understand the game better than anyone else, i do more research, i make better decisions. in general...i win beause
      i'm the most skilled player in the league. I not only don't enjoy the reverse psychology #$%$., the trickery of giving bad...or good advice...and all of the 'tricks of the trade' that other so gleefully emply, I DON'T NEED THEM. i take great pleasure in beating your #$%$ because i'm a better player of the game than you. if i had to use trickery, skating the rules, using loop holes...etc., it wouldn't be half as much fun to me...not to mention how slimey it all is. Currently, i'm playing in nine leagues. i'm in 1st place in two leagues, 2nd 5 leagues, 3rd in one league...and 9th in another...simply because i missed the draft and got dealt a #$%$ team. I'm not saying this to brag...to simply make the point that an owner can play hard and win...without resorting to questionable methods.

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      • Jon I really don't have a problem with you and I truly have more respect for you in trying to stand up for snake because it's obvious from my and several other posts that everyone feels he is being a baby about this and instead of just starting his best lineup he wants to keep people from interacting with others because they "may" give some advice that will cost him a win. I just think if you're going to make a rule that is so ludacris you need a majority vote or it needs to be laid out in the beginning. I still stand by comments that snake is in a middle school leage and I believe he is a sore loser. Jon nothing but respect, you're a guy I would love to join our podcasts every week.

    • John D..here's the scenario:

      let me ask you this. i'll offer a scenario. let's say that team A is in the lead, and if something doesn't happen soon...he's likely to win the championship. and let's say his QB is Rodgers...and he breaks his arm. Team A's only reserve QB is Rex Grossman. There are good QBs in FA...but Team B...advises everyone in the league that if they'll just scoop up all the decen QBs...Team A's chances of winning will suddenly go down the toilet. from what i'm hearing so far...you'd have to say that this is within the rules..it's just advice that can be taken or ignored...it's just 'smack talk'. have I got this correct or is there something i'm missing? Technically...it's just owners being 'competitively'...doing their best to win! Is it ethical...? hell no. and this seems to be the type of scenario Snake is dealing with.

    • In my opinion smack talk, mockery, reverse psychology, poor advice, and my personal favorite; telling your opponent to pick between two players (equally good) on YOUR lineup is fun and part of fantasy play. Manipulating the waiver board, collusion, etc is beyond just fun and detracts from the quality for everyone because you're forced to endure the effects of a shifty manager, whereas no on is forced to take advice from anyone. If you have a league where managers are actively talking trash and having fun then I believe you have a good thing. I can't stand it when leagues go silent and managers just go through the motions. My advice is to watch the first season of The League and try to have a set of managers that are half that "into it" and let the talk go forward. You're all adults, no need to hold hands.

    • even if you shut off the post smack talk option they can send an e-mail to the other team.the idea is to win.if that means making a suggestion to another team to change players it is ultimately up to the team to make those recommended changes if they want. it could work in reverse also.i once e-mailed a guy to please replace a hurt player with one on the bench.he in turn sat everyone and gave my opponent a win that cost me a playoff spot with a comment to mind my own team and not worry about others. let people choose for themselves. freedom of choice = america

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