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  • snake snake Nov 24, 2012 12:32 AM Flag

    People telling other people who to start/sit via the smack talk box


    You are wrong about a few things. First off.... This isn't about MY MATCHUP. I am the commissioner of the league, and the premise of my rule is to create fairness and consistancy from week 1 all the way thru the playoffs. This particular issue really only starts happening about week 10 due to playoff transparency.

    Furthermore.....I created this rule back in August before the draft. I put it in the league notes right next to the payout information, so all members have known about it. Yet recently some chose to break it. Now I'm forced to somehow "penalize them", so I turn off their smack talk box for a week to send them a message. If they do it again, then I give them their money back and say "thanks for playing." Adios.

    Further yet....if the rule was so ludacris, then why is there people on both sides of the fence posting in this thread. Must be more viable then you are giving credit?!

    Lastly.....take a note from John, and realize that if you call people names....they won't listen to you, so you are here wasting your time. Why post here if people discredit you due to your need to name call.

    Also, his name is JOHN... quit spelling it wrong, its written right there for you.

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    • Snake, if you notice most people are on the side that you should be allowed to post. Also I think you're the one who is being discredited. I think you still have failed to answer why keep people from giving advice, they have shows, papers, magazines, etc. I think you're a player who is scared they will lose, I'm sorry you can post whatever you want but I have a feeling this is directly costing you. I also notice that I've outraged you because you're trying to jump on me about spelling but when my name was spelled or instead of er you never pointed that out. I think you know my argument outweighs yours and you're irate. It's ok to admit you were wrong and say thank you for the correct advice, that is why "John" has my respect and I'll let you know that my elementary school nephew wants to play next year with his buddies and I'll get your e-mail so you can join a league, and I promise not to give him any pointers because I would hate for him to be disqualified.

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      • Alot of things scare me, and alot of things make me irrate. Death scares me. Losing my job scares me. My step-daughter getting pregnant scares me. To suggest I'm "scared of losing in fantasy football" is the dumbest thing you could put on a computer screen.

        Racism makes me irrate. President Obama makes me Irrate. Real estate agents make me irrate. People who litter make me irrate.

        You don't make me irrate....because you are a kid named Conner. I know you are a kid because there aren't many adults named Conner. You say things that are inflammatory to people you don't even know....which tells me you are young and immature. Again...a teenager, or a kid who drank his first beer last week.

        I will however answer your question....since you can't seem to process it yourself.

        Shows, papers and magazines are available to all. They are general and generic advice that does not apply to specific standings, or matchups.

        People telling you who to start is pestering and annoying to both you...the player trying to make his own decisions, and to his competitor...

        Some people have time to get on others matchups and "bark" what they should do, and some don't. Some people want to and some don't. Everyone makes a little time to read "Brad Evans flames/lames and wants to.

        if you can't possibly influence others decisions early in the season, then why should you be allowed to LATE in the season?

        In the end.....what i've learned is that, if you believe in pure competition you are going to approve my rule. If you are ok with the game evolving, and having various wrinkles and angles to play, which create some unfair circumstances, then you hate my rule.

        It is that simple.....but you sir...are a punk, anyway anyone wants to shake it. For you to get on a fantasy football board and call people a crybaby, and "scared' for no reason tells me all I need to know.

        Thanks for your input....I didn't hear much of it.


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