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  • snake snake Nov 24, 2012 12:01 AM Flag

    People telling other people who to start/sit via the smack talk box


    There is always luck involved in picking players to start/sit or drafting players.....but the fact is that people know who the better players in the league are. And the better players consistently make the playoffs.

    Fantasy is like Poker. There is luck...but that only gets you so far. Skill almost always outweighs luck in this game.

    If you can clearly see that a good player needs you to win....that player has all the credibility in the world, so you are wrong. More often than not, you will know that person is giving good advice. What if its a player you didnt even think of? Or maybe the team brought a piece of information to light, that you didn't realize.


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    • So when someone in one of my league asks me for advice, I shouldn't give it to them because I might effect the outcome a game if he takes my advice? Are you Serious?

      Hey Eulogys, I just lost Gronk and need to pick up a TE, I feel it could make the difference in me winning and getting into the playoffs?

      Sorry Hillbilllys, I know this is your first year playing and all and your looking for advice and insight from a 15+ year veteran, but that just wouldn't be right because your opponent has a better team and record then you do and by you winning, that might somehow benefit me. So tough #$%$, go and figure it out on your own or ask someone else in the league who doesn't have anything to gain since their team sucks and they're out of the playoffs because the constantly chase the guy on the waiver wire who blew up the previous week thinking that it will be the same every week and then are shocked when that WR only puts up the 4.5 points he's been avg all year instead of the 26 he had in that 1 week. But I can count on you playing next year right buddy?

      Yeah, I don't think so.

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      • lol.... Its funny you ask this question. In my league, I've made it clear that if someone SOLICITS your advice, you are welcome to help them. I ask my league members all the time for sit em/start em advice. That doesn't mean I go and tell the guy who is about to start Charlie Batch, to NOT MAKE THAT MISTAKE....so that I can have a better chance at making the playoffs.

        So yeah...your post is appreciated, but it is outside the scope of my question, and I've already thought about your point.....about 3 years ago.

    • Snake, I could respect your argument if you were talking about a player that was doing something to directly hurt your team. However, you're just scared that someone may start a good player, do you really want to beat a player who leaves arian foster on the bench, or would you rather someone tell him arian is the best player so you know you beat a legit team? If not just stay in the middle school league.


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