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  • snake snake Nov 27, 2012 10:37 PM Flag

    People telling other people who to start/sit via the smack talk box

    So let me get this straight.... Stopping people from cheating = cheating?

    Lol. You've lost your mind.

    And as for people being hungry to make the playoffs... Umm... Yes, they are interested in having hundreds of dollars enter their back pocket. Weird huh? It would be really weird to support this crazy idea of winning cash. I'm not sure i would be dissuading anyone from wanting money by putting a rule in place thst promotes one on one decision making.
    Some of the opinions on here are nothing short of comedy, and travesty at the same time.

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    • "Some of the opinions on here are nothing short of comedy, and travesty at the same time."

      I agree! None more than yours!

    • Providing advice is illegal? So how do you stop them from getting the advice via text messages? How do you prevent them from getting advice via fantasy football websites that litter the internet?

      I don't get how its cheating? Survival of the fittest is about being the smartest, if someone tosses an idea the presidents way, congress doesn't immediately panic and mute the idea guy because its not fair that the president can't think of that on his own.

      Well with that analogy you'll come up with some clever rebuke that will prove you missed the point completely.

      Do NFL teams share scouting reports? Yes
      Do coaches collaborate and discuss game plans on opponents? Yes
      So, its not illegal for either Harbuagh brother to collaborate on opponents, but its illegal for me to say, grab the ARI defense because they're playing Blaine Gabbert the pick throwing machine because I want you to lose your match-up? That doesn't make any sense what so ever, in fact its only benefiting you by turning off smack talk and e-mail and muting the "offenders". Roster dumps would be rampant, I'd go out of my way to refund the players that were in the league and I'd quickly throw a vote up to dethrone you as commish. Cheating is so distasteful in a game about a game.


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