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  • John G John G Nov 23, 2012 8:13 PM Flag

    People telling other people who to start/sit via the smack talk box

    John D, I always respect what you have to say, whether we always agree, or not. I was responding to the initial post last night, half asleep...too much to say to cover all bases. To clarify something: i too think that locking the smack talk box is heavy handed, though I'll stop short of say that it's juvenile. it sounds as though Snake was doing the best to correct what he perceived to be a problem, but didn't know how to handle. would i have done it? no. an ill-advised move, yes...but IMO, not juvenile. More of a desperation move. And on another point...as you said, smack talk is perfectly legit. But in this situation, it sounds as though the talk went beyond smack talk. as I said in an earlier post...giving advice is one thing, deliberating 'steering' someone's team for the sole purpose of helping your team (or that of a friend)...and hurting another team is nothing less than collusion. we generally speak of collusion in reference to trades...but it aptly applies here as well.

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    • Jon G, how would this be collusion? Collusion is something that helps one team but not another, giving advice could possibly help (or hurt) both teams. It gives the team giving advice a chance to get to the playoffs and the team receiving it, a win. I just think you and Snake have really run out of arguements to prove your point. Bottom line is Snake wants to win and he doesn't want the middle school class to give the number two player advice that could lead to a win.

    • This was my train of thought John. My opinion is that its just another form of Collusion...only slightly more acceptable.

      One point I would like to make: when Fantasy football started....there were no "smack talk boxes". In fact, up until 4 or 5 years ago, the Yahoo smack boxes were very limited...like 40 characters, which isn't even enough characters to really do much talking.

      What I know is that if you look at all the problems that deteriorate a league......many of them are caused directly by "Smack talk boxes."


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