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  • Conner Conner Nov 22, 2012 11:34 PM Flag

    People telling other people who to start/sit via the smack talk box

    Sounds like you're being a little bit babyish truthfully. I applaud managers wanting to get into the playoffs and trying. Advice is fine, you're getting on this message board to get advice. It's up to the manager to make the decision to use the advice or not. So I think I would eliminate that rule quickly and admit your mistake.

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    • Conner,

      I appreciate your response, although calling me a baby is not really necessary. Isn't the point of gamesmanship for the best, fastest, smartest, and brightest to win?

      Or is the point of games-man-ship to be smart enough to know you don't know much, and to listen to people who are smarter than I am, and want me to win.

      Doesn't that sound kinda stupid???

    • Hey Snake;
      Sorry to interrupt your diatribe about Smack Talk posts within YOUR OWN league. Just thought it would be interesting to read this really long sting. Had to go back to your original post to figure out what your problem is.
      To quote you; “I've placed a rule in my league that you cannot comment on other peoples decisions until AFTER the games are played.”
      What are you honest thoughts here?
      Later on you say “Also...you can turn off emails too.”

      Well, here are my honest thoughts; You are nuts!
      You say “I've placed a rule in my league that you cannot comment” is enough for me. Unless the comment is obscene or violates YAHOO’s rule, what is the problem. Your owners do have the right to free speech, correct? Unless they disagree with you?

      John G does bring up some good points, & I respect his positions.
      In point of fact, I would much rather be an owner in John G’s league than yours. At least in his league, I do not fear I would be “censored” by a dictatorial Commish.

      Hey guys, I got no dog in this fight. Just wanted to give my opinion.


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